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What should I do after an accident?

Seek medical treatment immediately. Part of the problem is that you may not realize that you are injured if you do not have obvious symptoms, such as bleeding, headaches and nausea. If you have received a blow to the head or sudden impact to a critical area in your body, you may sustain injuries invisible to the naked eye. Only an MRI, X-ray, CAT scan or other internal imaging test can detect the extent and scope of your internal injuries. Trust the observations of your friends and family when deciding to get a medical opinion. Then, contact Mitchell Firm, PLLC. We can help you gather the evidence and file your claim. We realize that evidence can be easily lost or damaged in the days and weeks following an accident. We take immediate action to help preserve your claim - at no upfront cost to you. Our fees are contingent on whether we win your case.

For more tips on what to do if you have been in an auto accident, watch the short video below.

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